To be successful in football, we all need to work together and share a common goal. Sadly this is not the case in Latvia, none of us can answer the question where Latvian football will be in five years, what are the main objectives and how can we impact that together. Without a shared vision, can the national team really move forward and compete at the top level, will the infrastructure and grass roots develop to match those of other European countries? Are the candidates for the next LFF presidency answering these questions and providing a solution..No, they aren’t, their programs lack strategy and a sound plan to ensure the development of competitiveness of Latvian football.

We have found ourselves in an unenviable position – choosing the lesser of two evils. Nevertheless, world history has proven that more often than not, some great ideas and powerful movements are born from the result of crisis. It’s time for the Latvian football society to stand up, speak up and embark on a unified journey of success.

We must not be afraid of taking these steps, at EURO2000 Germany finished last in their group with just one point. Fast forward ten years and the Germans were being crowned World champions, this change has left none in doubt that German football is a world leader. Perhaps the best example of football growth is Iceland, in 2004 the small remote island was ranked 93rd in the world FIFA rankings, however in 2015 Iceland qualified for the finals tournament of EURO2016 and currently sit 38th in the FIFA world rankings.

These are just two striking examples in recent years that acknowledge the potential of a unified strategy, if we can learn from these examples, together with hard work and passion we can achieve similar success, how will FOOTBALL 2031 look, only we can decide.

Working groups and meeting seminars should create active debates, from these debates and discussions a common goal for Latvian football can be created, then and only then can we create a national plan, together as a football community. Only when this is in place can we talk about professional work and competing on the world stage, so join us and help make FOOTBALL 2031 a reality.


The objective of the movement FOOTBALL 2031 is to draw up a strategy for the development of Latvian football, determining a joint vision for the development of football in Latvia over the next 15 years. It is an ambitious but real document with achievable objectives and goals, providing the opportunity to all those involved in Latvian football, the chance to work towards the goal of making football the most popular sport in Latvia.

Latvia should be able to attract top level players and our national team should be respected on the world stage, together we can make that a reality.


If you care about the development and future of Latvian football, if you have some ideas how we can improve the current situation of Latvian football, then come forward and join us, contribute to the cause. Get in touch with us, follow our social networking accounts and take part in our discussions! Your opinion matters to us!

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The movement FOOTBALL 2031 was established by Girts Mihelsons, a Member of the Board of Latvian Football Federation and Emils Latkovskis, CEO of Latvian Higher League in cooperation with their associates. But this is not a closed group of people – we welcome everyone who has something to say – trainers, employees, journalists, players, parents of players, supporters and any inhabitant of Latvia to join us, including those who enjoy the game at their TV screens. Football is the king of sports, and that is how it should be in Latvia.


Send an e-mail to info@futbols2031.lv or contact us on social networks:

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